How Long does a Liquid Facelift Last?

October 28th, 2014

As a facial injectable expert in Charlotte, I commonly have patients inquire about a liquid facelift and its longevity.  Before I answer its longevity, I will first define a liquid facelift. What is a Liquid Facelift? A liquid facelift is using a combination of non-surgical injectables to lift and add definition to an aging face.  […]

The Effect of Joan Rivers’ Death on Plastic Surgery

October 9th, 2014

Joan Rivers was a talented and entertaining comedian that had a long and successful career in Hollywood.  Not only was she known for her outrageous comedy, but she was known for her love of plastic surgery.  I credit her for being someone who both aided and hurt the reputation of plastic surgery.  I believe she […]

My Thoughts on Botched the new hit television show and My Friend Dr. Nassif

September 8th, 2014

My Thoughts on Botched the new hit television show and My Friend Dr. Nassif Botched is a new reality TV show about plastic surgery.  The show is based on patients that have undergone poor plastic surgery and had poor outcomes.  These patients are considered “Botched”.  During each episode, two patient’s plastic surgery stories are highlighted.  […]

The Evolution in the Use of Dermal Fillers

September 3rd, 2014

In this blog, I would like to discuss my personal evolution and thoughts of the use of dermal fillers.  First, we should talk about some basic points and the reasoning behind this blog. The Basics of Dermal Fillers  Dermal fillers have been in use for over 15 years.  Dermal fillers are products that are made […]

How Becoming a Father Changed My Practice of Medicine

August 20th, 2014

Four weeks ago I had my first child, a boy, Julian Mack Kulbersh.  As all first time parents can understand, a child has a profoundly positive effect on one’s life.  I typically think about my life’s fulfillment and happiness in three separate areas: Family Professional Personal I believe that happiness is the creation of self-fulfillment, […]

TCA Chemical Peels in Charlotte

July 31st, 2014

As a facial plastic surgeon, I understand the importance of the appearance of the face and neck skin.  The skin is the canvas of the face.  If the skin is of poor quality, it can create an aged and tired appearance.  Fortunately, there are many options in improving the quality of the facial skin.  One […]

What are the Differences Between Botox and Dysport?

July 15th, 2014

Botox and Dysport have become very popular over the past few years.  Between advertising, reality TV, and the explosion of anti aging treatments, there are very few people that have not heard of these two popular products.  It feels like everyone is getting these treatments (including me!).  These products have many uses in the medical […]

The Best Age for an Otoplasty

June 19th, 2014

Otoplasty is a surgery to correct prominent or protruding ears.  It is not uncommon for patients to be born with ears that stick out far from their face.  This is sometime referred to as “dumbo ears”.  If this is recognized while the child is an infant, then there is a non-surgical options to mold the […]

Lessons Learned From Recent Facial Plastic Surgery Meeting

June 5th, 2014

  This past week, I spent a week in New York City attending the 11th Annual International Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Symposium.  The field of facial plastic surgery is always evolving.  These meeting are invaluable for plastic surgeons to critically discuss techniques and outcomes in a constructive manner in order to improve outcomes.  I would […]

How Dermal Fillers Reverse the Signs of Aging

May 26th, 2014

As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, North Carolina, I commonly use dermal fillers to the reverse the signs of aging.  To understand how dermal fillers are an effective tool in the anti-aging world, I believe patients must understand a key reason of facial aging and volume loss. Volume Loss and Facial Aging There are […]